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Fees and Charges

DMBA Student Medical Plan Benefits

All full-time students are enrolled in the BYU-Hawaii Medical Benefits Plan at no extra cost. Those who drop below a full-time credit load will automatically lose their medical coverage the semester they did not qualify. Your health care will be managed by the BYU–Hawaii Health Center medical staff. Most care is provided at the Health Center, but specialty care may be referred to our panel of providers. Each eligible Health Center visit co-payment is $10. You are responsible for 30% of the cost of formulary prescription drugs. Care received outside the Health Center requires a referral and prior authorization, and your co-payment is $25 plus 20% of charges. The co-payment for an emergency room visit is $50 plus 20% of all charges. For a full explanation of student plan benefits, consult the DMBA Student Health Plan Handbook.

Private Insurance

Students who choose not to use the BYU-Hawaii Student Medical Benefits Plan should carefully review the terms and conditions of their private medical insurance. There are many different types of plans, and many do not cover care in Hawaii or may require high deductibles to be met. Other plans may have requirements that make it difficult to receive medical here.

As a courtesy to you, the Health Center will bill your private insurance plan if you provide all the appropriate information. This means you must bring your insurance card or a copy of it with you. The information should be complete and correct. All balances that are not covered by your insurance must be paid in full by the end of each semester so you can register for the following semester. Most providers outside the Health Center require full payment at the time of service and will not bill your private insurance. They will provide you with an insurance claim form to file for reimbursement.