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MMR Requirements and Tuberculosis Clearance

MMR Requirements

The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) requires all university students to have 2 doses of the Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine (MMR) or provide laboratory evidence of immunity. You may have your physician complete State Health Immunization Requirements form to document your MMR information. The vaccine is usually available at your physician's office or your local health department. The Health Center offers the MMR vaccine for $80.

Tuberculosis Clearance

The DOH also requires tuberculosis (TB) clearance before class attendance. You may get a TB skin test upon arrival at BYU–Hawaii or at your physician's office, PROVIDED ALL CRITERIA on the Tuberculosis Clearance Form are met. If you are planning to get your TB test at BYU–Hawaii, please do not get an MMR vaccine less than 30 days prior to arriving on campus.

Once your completed immunization record has been received and approved, you will be able to proceed with your registration. Failure to complete your State health immunizations or provide the necessary information to the Health Center may delay your registration or approval to attend class.

Former students who are returning to school may call the Health Center to check on your State health immunization status. Your requirements may have already been met, and we may be able to clear you for registration by phone.

If your country does not provide the MMR vaccine, please have your physician complete the bottom section of the State Health Requirements form.

Medical or Religious Exemptions

Hawaii State Health laws provide immunization exemptions for bona fide religious or medical reasons only. Exemptions can only be applied to the MMR requirement and NOT tuberculosis clearance. In the event of a measles outbreak on campus, students with exemptions will be excluded from attending classes or other campus activities until the outbreak has cleared.

  1. A medical exemption may be granted to SPECIFIC VACCINES.
  2. A U.S. licensed physician (MD or DO) must state in writing that receiving a specific vaccine would endanger the individual's life or health, and specify the reason based on valid medical contraindications.
  3. The physician must state the length of time during which the vaccine would endanger the individual's health or life.
  4. The exemption certificate must be signed by the physician on the physician's printed stationery.

A religious exemption may be granted provided the criteria on the religious exemption form are met. The completed form should be sent to the Health Center.

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