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Student Medical Benefit FAQ

  • Its my first time enrolling for Student Medical Benefit, what do I need to do?
    You do not need to do anything. As long as you are a full-time student for each semester or is registered for at least 12 credits with one face-to face on campus class, you will automatically have the University's Student Medical Benefit for no extra fee.
  • I have private insurance and wish to switch to student medical benefit in the middle of the academic year. Where do I go to get this done?
    You will need to go to the Student Medical Benefit office located at the Aloha Center Room 102 and fill out an enrollment form. You must also show a letter of termination from your previous insurance carrier, and provide proof that you were covered for six consecutive months prior to enrolling at BYU–Hawaii in order for us to enroll you on the Student Medical Benefit. Otherwise, you will have to wait for open enrollment in Fall semester to make the change in enrollment to your Student Medical Benefit.
  • As an international student, do I have to be under the student health plan?
    As an international student, you and your dependent(s) are required to have the student health plan that we offer.
  • I just got married, do I need to let you know?
    Yes, you must let us know as soon as possible or within 30 days from date of marriage. You need to change your marital status at the Office of the Registrar too.
  • I am a new international student and I want to apply for maternity coverage. Will I qualify?
    You may be eligible for maternity coverage ONLY IF you are already enrolled in the student medical benefit before maternity commences.
  • My wife is dependent on my plan, but now she's pregnant. Will the student medical benefit cover her maternity?
    If maternity commences while spouse is on the plan, then the student medical benefit will cover her maternity visits.
  • I just gave birth. Is my baby automatically enrolled in the plan?
    No, your newborn is not automatically added to the Student Medical Benefit. You have to add your baby to Student Medical Benefit as soon as possible. You only have a 30 days from the time of birth to do this, otherwise you will have to wait until open enrollment in Fall semester to add the baby to your medical benefit. No claims will be covered if you missed the 30-day window to add your baby.
  • Does the student medical benefit cover dental?
    The student medical benefit is ONLY for medical, no dental. However, there is a very affordable dental plan offered by the Hawaii Family Dental Centers. It is called the HO'ALA dental program which is a university student dental plan. Ask for a brochure or information on this plan when you come to the student medical benefit office located at Aloha center Room 102.
  • If I decide to return home for the summer, can I be covered away from campus?
    No, you are terminated from the student medical benefit.
  • What does "annual enrollment" mean?
    Annual enrollment means that once you enroll for a semester, you will be automatically enrolled throughout the entire academic year as long as you are a full-time BYUH student or have 12 credits of on campus classes and up. For students on family student medical benefit (SMB), you are responsible for paying the premiums by the beginning of each semester.
  • I will be doing my internship this semester, do I still need the Student Medical Benefit?
    As long as you are doing internship for CREDIT, you are required to have student medical benefit. The reason for this is because, when you are doing internship to earn university credits, the university is responsible for you. You need to be enrolled in the monthly student medical benefit (SMB) . Please come to the Aloha center room 102 to fill-up the monthly SMB enrollment forms.
  • I was charged RSVP penalty charge this semester.
    We have RSVP deadlines every semester. If you are not able to register for at least 12 credits including a face-to-face class each semester, then you will be charged this fee. "Class waiting" is not considered a registration. Please check the academic calendar found in the BYUH website for RSVP deadlines.
  • I'm graduating and have a family medical benefit, what shall I do before I leave campus?
    You must let our office know 3 weeks before graduation that you are terminating your family medical benefit so we do not post charges the following semester in your student account.
  • I wish to terminate my coverage because I am graduating/leaving/withdrawing from BYU–Hawaii. Where do I terminate my benefits?
    To terminate your student medical benefit, please come to our office at Aloha Center Room 102 to fill out a termination form.