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Third-party Insurance Coverage & Academic Training

All students registered with 12 credits including one face-to-face on campus class per semester are automatically enrolled in the BYU-Hawaii Student Medical Benefit with no additional charge.

International students are required to add all their dependent(s) to the BYU-H student medical plan for a minimal fee. If you drop below the full-time credits required without an approved reduced load, you and your dependents are automatically terminated from the student medical benefit. Click here to choose a third-party insurance coverage for you and your family.

Choices for a third-party insurance coverage are as follows:

Insurance CompanyContact Person
Phone Number
ISP - Trail Blazer
(212) 693-3717
American Visitor
(877) 340-7910
(866) 467-8289, Ext. 118
ISOKeren Ziv(212) 262-8922

AT (Academic Training) and OPT

All exchange visitors (both J-1 principals & J-2 dependents) are required to have sickness and accident insurance and medical evacuation and repatriation insurance in effect for the duration of their exchange visitor status. 22 C.F.R. § 62.14

In compliance with immigration regulation 22 C.F.R.& 62.14, for J Exchange Visitors, BYU-Hawaii requires students on Academic Training (AT) to show proof of Health Coverage (receipts, contracts etc.) to International Student Services at by September 30th, 2014.

  • While on Academic Training you will not be eligible for Student Medical Benefits. For all other cases of AT, you are required to show proof of Health Insurance coverage through a third party insurance company.
  • If you have coverage through your employer or family, you need to submit a letter of credibility for your coverage to Beth Martin for verification.

Failure to purchase & submit proof of Health Insurance Coverage to International Student Services will put your immigration status at risk!

If you fall under this category, please contact International Student Services for more information or visit this site to enroll yourself or your family to a third-party insurance coverage. You may also call Ivona Mills at (808) 675-3520 for more information.