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Student Medical Benefit Cards

A copy of your student medical benefit card can be obtained through the local DMBA office located at the Laie Shopping Center or by calling Cora Seui-Sika or Anita Olszowka at (808) 466-4077.

Graduating, Transferring or Discontinuing

If you are graduating, transferring, or discontinuing from BYU–Hawaii and you are enrolled in the school's Student medical benefit; please come to the Student Medical Benefit office located at Aloha Center Room 102, to terminate your participation in the university's Student Medical Benefit.

Extended Medical Benefit

As of January 1, 2014, BYU–Hawaii will no longer offer extended medical benefit.
If you are a domestic student and want to seek other options; you may want to visit to check your eligibility for their program.
If you have any questions, you may call:
Anita Olszowka (808) 466-4077
Laurie Abregano (808) 675-3487
Beth Martin (808) 675-3512

International Student Dependents

You are required to add all your dependents to the school's plan. If you acquire new dependents because of marriage or the birth or adoption of a child, you may add them or change your plan to add them within 30 days of this event. If you do not enroll your dependents within this 30-day window, you will have to wait until the beginning of the next academic year (Fall semester since it is open enrollment time) to enroll them. You need to come to the Student Medical Benefit office located at Aloha Center Room 137 to add all your dependents to your plan.

Student Benefit Qualifications

If you are a full-time student, you are qualified for the Student Medical Benefit with no extra fee. If you drop below full-time credits including one face to face of campus class (online classes not eligible) you automatically lose your medical benefit the semester that you did not qualify.

Termination of Benefits

Terminate your medical benefit if you are:

Serving a mission
Transferring to another school
Going home and returning to school
Doing an internship in your home country and not returning to BYU–Hawaii after the internship.

Terminate your Student Medical Benefit before you leave campus.