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Travel Request Clearance

Steps to obtain a travel request clearance from the Student Medical Benefit.

Travel Request Steps

  1. You need to get a DMBA login by sending an email to Cora Seui-Sika at or you can call the DMBA office at (808) 466-4077. Please include the following information when you request for your DMBA login:
    1. full name
    2. date of birth
    3. BYUH student ID number
  2. Once you get your temporary username and password from DMBA; log in to and change your temporary username and password. This temporary login is only good for seven days. Please change your password as soon as you can.
  3. Send an email to Beth Martin at to schedule an appointment for your travel signature from SMB.
  4. Bring with you all your billing statements and receipts as proof that you have paid for all your medical services. If you have not paid your medical providers yet; you can call them to clear your obligations with them before you come to our office.

Travel forms must be completed and signed by you prior to visiting our office.