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Your Pharmacy Benefit Manager is Changing on July 1

Your New PBM: Everything You Need to Know

On July 1, 2022, DMBA’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for your Student Medical Benefit will change from Magellan Health to Navitus Health Solutions. Navitus is an industry leader recognized for superior customer satisfaction.

On June 1, Navitus Customer Care is available at (833)-354-2226. On June, the access updated DMBA ID card at DMBA website; use a current card through June 30. On July 1, begin using the new ID card; Navitus website available. Today, Watch a two-minute video about this change!


To comply with many states’ laws, dependents aged 12–17 need to authorize (through Navitus) parental access to certain pharmacy information related to protected conditions.

If you have any questions or are unable to access your ID card online, please call DMBA Member Services at (808) 466-4077 or (800) 777-3622.


Do I need to do anything to make sure I still have pharmacy benefits?

No. The transition from Magellan Rx to Navitus will take place automatically on July 1.

Will my medication be covered?

DMBA is working closely with Navitus to limit any disruption to prescription drug coverage, including ensuring the list of covered drugs (formulary) remains very similar to what it is today. A few medications the plan previously did not pay for will be covered with preauthorization. Please call Navitus to learn about coverage for your medication.

Will the amount I pay for my medications change?

The prescription drug benefit is not changing; however, the amount you pay may be slightly different. Please contact Navitus for information about the cost of your medications.

Can I still use my pharmacy?

Navitus has contracted with thousands of pharmacies across the nation. Please call Navitus to learn whether your preferred pharmacy is in network.

Can I still use the VRx Pharmacy at City Creek?

The VRx Pharmacy at City Creek is a contracted retail pharmacy in the Navitus network and will likely remain so under current management.

Do I need a new preauthorization for drugs that transfer to Navitus?

Yes; however, preauthorizations in effect on July 1 will be transferred to Navitus. Please call Navitus if you have questions about preauthorization.

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